#330: Try the veal

Pod Description:

The boys welcome a superstar guest. Walt reconsiders a tap dancing career


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Joey Fatone


“Hitler is still… polarizing” – Walt

“I don’t want to be in this bullshit boy-band” – Joey Fatone

“Animal underwear for children, you’re a genius” – Bryan

“I’m sorry there will be a slight delay Joey Fatone has been hamburgled” – Bry

New Phrase:


Memorable Moments:

Walt doesn’t know Joey Fatone from his NSYNC days, but is excited to recognize him as the veal guy from Hannah Montana.

Joey Fatone tells the forming of the boy band.

Joey Fatone walks in on Lance Bass making out with a dude.

Joey Fatone was furious when the other *NSYNC members ate his burger and fries

Walt is super impressed Joey is an official Wiggle and knows Wake Up Jeff 

Q donates to the ACLU on behalf of TESD to be woke.

Walt reveals his tendency of sleeping on the floor with his head under the bed (also referred to as ‘flanking’).


Galactic Polecats – Necro Girlfriend

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