#332: Bloody good time

Pod Description:

Bry talks of a budding fear of bathtubs, super crappy food and overflowing urine troughs at the 2017 Edinburgh Comic Book Men panel.


Bryan Johnson

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


Mentioned Person:

Prince James

Memorable Moments:

Bry Mike and Ming travel to Scotland for a comic con despite the fact that comic book men is not shown over there.

Bry can not understand the locals speech nor propensity for putting blood in all ther food.

Ming parties hard at a “metal club” Bry can’t hop but stare at him on a television monitor.

Prince James is metioned as Sages boyfriend in a Casper ad.

Ming retells his one true three story of bringing a candle to a crush in college.


Kyle Sammond – Ride

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