#335: Prince Q

Pod Description:

Sage gets married, Walt suggests an unorthodox method of fighting terrorists. Are prison boyfriends acceptable?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

LeeLee’s Frenchie

Prince James


“I’m a Colonel, you’re a Free Mason ‘and he’s a sack of shit'”-Q

“That might be the worst thing you’ve ever said on Tell’Em Steve Dave”-Walt

“Hey Edgar, guess what Walt said.  You might as well of had a gay lover in prison and hanged yourself”-Bry

“When you fart in someone’s face you’re automatically best friends.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Q dubs Radiohead ‘Dick Sucking’ music

Media frenzy over Dancing with the Stars (Lindsay Arnold) farting on partner’s head.

Sage makes fun of a guy who is getting arrested by eight police cars.

Sage writes love notes to her crush Prince James and tells Bry she is going to marry him some day.  Walt envisions a future like “All in the Family” where Bry is Archie, Suzanne is Edith, Sage is Gloria, and Prince James is Meathead.

Bry discusses ‘Monica and David‘ a documentary about a couple with Down Syndrome and how the husband still catches shit from the wife.

Pam and Edgar celebrate 50 years of marriage, Edgar is a former shell of his former self.

Frye festival disaster; Walt confuses Ja Rule with Jaden Smith; ‘Pa Rule’

Walt begins his journey to becoming a Free Mason in a fast pass program called “Blue Lightning”.  He has to wear an apron for over a month and do a bunch of fundraising.

Q hangs out with Jeter at a golf outing.

Q likes the show ‘Dear White People’ with the twitter handle of the show calling him ‘Woke’.

Walt thinks all terrorists need french bulldogs; Walt’s daughter (Alicia) creates the instagram account ‘LeeLee’s Frenchie”.

Aaron Hernandez was rumored to have a boyfriend while in prison; later found dead with illumanati sign.

Pam’s ‘Collectors Edition’ of crayola crayons depreciate in value.


Boom Child – I Want to Shift Your Sister

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