#335: Prince Q

Pod Description:

Sage gets married, Walt suggests an unorthodox method of fighting terrorists. Are prison boyfriends acceptable?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

LeeLee’s Frenchie

Prince James


“I’m a Colonel, you’re a Free Mason ‘and he’s a sack of shit'”

“That might be the worst thing you’ve ever said”

“You might as well of had a gay lover in prison and hanged yourself”

Memorable Moments:

-Media frenzy over Dancing with the Stars (Lindsay Arnold) farting on partner’s head.

-Sage writes love notes to her crush Prince James and tells Bry she is going to marry him some day.  Walt envisions a future like “All in the Family” where Bry is Archie, Suzanne is Edith, Sage is Gloria, and Prince James is Meathead.
-Frye festival disaster; Walt confuses Ja Rule with Jaden Smith; ‘Pa Rule’

Walt begins his journey to becoming a Free Mason in a fast pass program called “Blue Lightning”.  He has to wear an apron for over a month and do a bunch of fundraising.
-Walt thinks all terrorists need french bulldogs; Walt’s daughter (Alicia) creates the instagram account ‘LeeLee’s Frenchie”.
-Aaron Hernandez was rumored to have a boyfriend while in prison; later found dead with illumanati sign.
-Pam’s ‘Collectors Edition’ of crayola crayons depreciate in value.


Boom Child – I Want to Shift Your Sister

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