#336: Mushken

Pod Description:

Walt sympathizes with Lil Bow Wow, Bry sympathizes with Kendall Jenner, Q sympathizes with Steve Harvey. An all new game show debuts.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Just start shittin your pants” – Bryan

“I would like a boy please” – Quinn

“If we had a million listeners, I would put my balls on Simmy’s face.” Q

“Balls with a Z?” Bry

Game Played:

From the Mouth of Babez

Reoccuring Segments:

Hitlearn  :A NJ man changes his name to Hitler, the same man that lost parental rights for naming his children after famous nazis.

Memorable Moments:

Lil bow wow embellishes his extravagant lifestyle on instagram with fake pics.

Steve Harvey does not want to be bothered or ambushed backstage of his talk show. Walt is sympathetic to lil bow wow but not Steve Harvey.

Bry beats Debi Flanagan in a weekend walking challenge, pays for it in sore muscles.

Walt thinks French bulldogs are better than any drug.

An 8 year old Bry screams obscenities to the ocean


Score of All Things – I Am Dead Inside

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