Someone who is a key in a cog. Someone who knows they are not truly special, and accept that fact. Someone who knows what is really important and takes care of those things and people. Someone who doesn’t ask for handouts from strangers to live their dreams. An Ant has no need for gizmos or gadgets when more important thing are on the line.

The TESD fan base is affectionately called the Ant Army, with each member being an Ant.

How to spot an Ant:


By nature, Ants are not meant to stand out. Signal other Ants by throwing up antennas. This was you will be made aware of without the difficulty or audacity of proclaiming yourself by shouting through a crowd.

First Appearance of the Term:

#062: Welcome To The Machine (around 19:52) is Walt’s first rant about the acceptance of being an ant

#087: Top Of The Ant Hill (around 32:32) is where the discussion of referring to the fan base as Ants occurs

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