Kevin Smith


“I say this with no judgement, but…what’s wrong with you?”


Kevin Smith first came to attention as the writer/director of a film called Clerks. It’s been all downhill ever since. Long time friend of both Bryan and Walt, Kevin is the originator of Smodcast, the first in a long list of podcasts that make up the Smodco Enterprise. Kevin uses his self-deprecating humor along with his innovative spirit that truly captures the Indie way. After Bryan and Walt were guests on Smodcast when co-host Scott Mosier was unavailable, the podcasts fans clamored for more. Living on opposite sides of the country, Kevin implored Bryan to start his own podcast and recruited the help of Walt. The improbable start was somewhat rocky and sporadic, but provided a creative outlet to all involved.

Kevin is a man spinning many plates making movies, directing hit tv shows, and keeping the masses up to date on pop culture news. He has brought entertainment many things, one of the most we are thankful for being Tell ‘Em Steve Dave!

First Mention:

#001: Josh Groban stole my mom!

First Appearance:

#003: An affair to forget

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