SargeL18 and Teleahqua


SargeL18 is New Jersey’s, perhaps the world’s, leading expert on all things extraterrestrial. SargeL18 has discovered cutting edge developments in the realm of orbs, vortexs, and the metaphysical. Initially brought on to serve as a guest on Overkill, he now weighs in on many topics and is a recurring guest around Halloween. With his impossibly beautiful earth dwelling life mate, Teleahqua, there is nothing truly unexplained in TESD Town

SargeL first visited the Secret Stash in 1998 after viewing Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma and knowing he had to meet the mind behind it.  Rather than Kev SargeL got to meet Walt and regaled him with his tales of vortexs and other worldly beings.  Having left his impression upon Walt, SargeL was called for an interview when the Zune Overkill episodes started going down a spooky road.

SargeL’s YouTube Channel

First Appearance:

Overkill #2:  Into the Vortex

First Mentioned:

#008: ‘Party’ in the USA Part 1

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