The Prussian Kissing Devil

This mysterious artifact was discovered by Q in a curiosity shop in rural Pennsylvania Thanksgiving of 2016.  He tried futilely to purchase the ornate skull from the shop’s owner but was rebuked.   Drawn by it’s mystical energy Q returned the next day only to find the original owner of the skull had died suddenly after Q’s departure.  The owner’s son was more willing to part with the macabre object and Q left with the treasure.  It is said to bring bad luck to those that mock it, and might boon favors upon those that gift it 5 dollars.  Father Lance discovered the skull bears a striking resemblance to a devil in a painting of an exorcism by 17th century painter Francisco De Goya.

First Appearance:

#313: 4th and Down

The Legend of the Prussian Kissing Devil

This legend was submitted to Walt by an unnamed listener and appears on the TESD blog.

Own your own skull here!

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