#136.5: Don’t Call Me Mustache, Krampus

*Featured Image by Playmobil

Pod Description:

Bry, Q, & Sal interrupt your regularly scheduled week to deliver the most important information you’ll receive this week.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Sal Vulcano

Ming Chen


Mentioned Person:

Ralph Garman


“Black Pete Unchained” – Sal

“They’re either getting sodomized and dragged to hell, or getting a fire truck” – Sal.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Space Monkeys

Memorable Moments:

A special bonus Space Monkeys show in addition to the weeks regular TESD episode release to promote the live show in LA.

Ming gets in trouble for using licensed music on his podcasts, he gets a cease and desist from SoundCloud.

Q explains “The Joe Schmo Show” to Bry since they are going on after Hollywood Babble-On out in LA.

Sal has the Cadillac of CPAP machines for his sleep apnea.

Someone sends the guys a Black Pete playmobil toy.

Q explains Krampus to Sal.

Bry falls for a Texas based shredder guitarist Rusty Cooley.


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