#342: The Rebranding of Baron Von Flanagan

*Featured image by @jon_attfield


Q doesn’t get the laffs, Bry definitively states what it means to be ‘the biggest fan’. Walt plans a solo career.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Baron Von Flanagan



Memorable Moments:

Bry talks about the YouTube star who requested his underage fans to send him nothing more than twerking videos, until it was recently discovered that he was also requesting photos of their buttholes.

Quinn discovers an article written about the Impractical Jokers panel at Cannes; Quinn is accused of complaining about the half-empty audience.

Walt talks about the flack he received from the ants for attempting to rebrand TESD.

Walt shares his new idea of rebranding the Baron with the hopes of becoming as big as Svenghoulie or Elvira.

Walt attends his daughter’s 8th grade graduation


Nopium – Wanting

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