#344: Ann Landahs


Q dispenses advice, Sage overreaches


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

Father Lance

Stacy Patella


Tom Mumme and Blue Juice Comics


“You’re a fuckin’ bruised apple!” – Q

.”Usually the bullshit he spouts dissipates into the atmosphere” – Bry about Gitem

“For reasons I don’t want to get into, I have my mail delivered to an alias”- Walt

“You should always enter a relationship with one foot out the door” – Q

“I’m out on this one…. I don’t like those buttplugs.” – Walt

Reoccurring Segments:

Listener Advice

Memorable Moments:

Walt reveals that he gets deliveries sent to the store under an assumed name, Paco Rabanne.   Walt gets anxious that a mail cart is left unattended for upwards of 20 minutes out on the street, considers rifling through it to get his own mail before it’s stolen.  He tries to get Gitem’s advice but he is less than helpful.

Ming joins Bry for the commercials and begins by shitting on Blue Juice Comics for Tom not helping with the ads the previous week.

Sage attempts to commit grand theft auto by trying to steal Bry’s car to go get some McDonald’s, luckily she couldn’t figure out how to get the car in gear so just left it running for hours.  Walt’s eldest daughter has now gotten her license and first car.

Walt puts out the call for large industrial sized cans of pudding for a secret project.

A 13%er reaches out for some relationship advice.  Her long distance boyfriend is very close to other women and his ex.

Q reveals the comic book he has co-written with Walt doing the artwork called Metro. 


Silent Descent – Breaking the Space

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