Thank You Podcast for Hollywood Improv Ticket Buyers

Pod Description:

This podcast was produced as a Thank You for people who purchased tickets to the “Tell ’em Steve-Dave” LIVE show at the Hollywood Improv in 2010


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Stacy Patella

Memorable Moments:

Sage autum and hunter get sick from a poisoned pool since no one took care of the pool while Bry was on tour.

A respected business mag published 12 things college students don’t need.

Stacy patella speaks on mic for the first and last time.

Walt tours without bringing his id with him, leading to an incident when he can’t check into a Houston hotel

Walt is upset he got jilted at the Columbus show like at Brantford.

Tempers flare and tension increases as grievances from the road are aired.

Get it here!


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