#346: Granny Comfort


Q’s tips, Walt mellows out, Bry goes to Wildwood.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Tom Mumme


“He might be putting moves on me left and right, and I just don’t pick up on them. I may be doing moves that I don’t even know what I’m doing I’m fucking driving him crazy like a mad bull, want to engorge me.” Walt about his and Gitems relationship.

Recurring Segment:

12 Minutes in Hell / Listener Advice

Memorable Moments:

Walt is in a much better mood this week.

The lady from last week asking for advice gives her rebuttal, doubling down that she’s not doing anything wrong. In a new letter asking for advice Q goes down a “rabbit” hole trying to use metaphors and Aesops fables.

Bry and Sage goes to Wildwood for the weekend and reminisces about going every summer as a boy when his grand mom would march in a VFW parade.

Bry misses his opportunity to record a woman attacking a bro who was being a dick.

Walt remembers playing carnival games on the boardwalk winning an Rush album with a cover depicting a nude guy and his mom giving him a really hard time.


Q is called a sell out for cutting his hair.

Walt recommends a band called Greta Van Fleet.

Gitem is burying his money in his yard because he is worried his wages will be garnished if he uses a bank. He also buries fake locations to throw off would be thieves.

Tom Mumme arrives just in time to discuss penis size.

During a loot crate ad Q and Bry come up with a story idea of someone who uses ghosts as slaves because dead people don’t have any rights. Walt says they can get away with it because all ghosts are white like Casper.

Walt rails against Legend of Zelda when Tom Mumme reveals he almost flunked out of college playing the original 8 bit game. Walt’s hatred stems from not being very good at the games as a kid and his sister playing for hours so he couldn’t play his hockey game.

Walt and Blue Juice are releasing a book together, an homage to Bronze Age comics.

Walt is annoyed that the Baron von Flanagan isn’t rolling in the cash like he thought it would.  He has tasked Gitem to be his Rennfield so people have to go through him to summon the Baron rather than bother Walt with it.


QuarterBurn – DeathKlock

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