#348: Time Commander in Chief

*Featured image by @twoton21


Asian confederates, Q becomes a horror icon, Walt don’t got no back.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“You know how you eat something it’ll go to your gut? I always wished it’d go to my rear because it’s so flat and unappealing, wish I had more junk in the trunk” – Walt

“The old Prussian Kissing Devingskul” – Q mangles his words.

“And now for the grand finale, the ass!”  -Bry

Memorable Moments:

Q is in a horror movie Hatchet 4 and attends a 10th anniversary celebration for the original Hatchet where the finished Hatchet 4 is screened as a surprise.

Walt bemoans his flat backside, wishes he could have more junk in the trunk.

There is a rumor that the Prussian Kissing Devil has hypnotized TESD to spread it’s influence through the mini skulls sold at TESD merchtable.

An ESPN commentator Robert Lee steps down from announcing a game due to his ‘racially charged name’.

Walt wants to put the richest people faces on the money since they have the most of it.

Ming no longer works in computers and IT, he is officially AMC’s Ming Chen.

Walt believes mankind had help from aliens in it’s advancement of computer technology.  As proof Walt mentions a mural at a post office shows a native american using an iPhone in colonial times

Could Donald Trump really be the time traveler John Titor?  Walt lays down some ‘evidence’ to support this claim.

Bry reads a list of the top ten traits an alien visitor would have to possess.


Evoker – Here Comes the Metric System

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