#349: Down Mexico Way


Walt issues a challenge to Ken Jennings, Bry argues for preserving a little slice of Americana.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Stop acting like you care!”  – Walt’s daughters about his anti South of the Border crusade

“If you had to put, if someone had a gun to Sage’s head?” – Walt

“We got plan Bs and Cs!” – Q for life after Tru

“Cooper is more of a hero than any of these kid!” – Bry about Walt’s hero dog

“You’re running the clock tighter than Tom Brady running two minute drills!” – Walt about Bryan’s ad segues.

Memorable Moments:

Q and the other Jokers are about to become Free Agents.

Woke Walt wonders why South of the Border in South Carolina is allowed to still use a racist caricature of a Mexican as a mascot.

Comic Book Men is the Snapchat of TV shows, you watch it once and it disappears.  It is more elusive than Bigfoot.

After the Q Roast Walt swears off of all future roasts, thus missing out on Brian O’Halloran’s

Q reviews the Dark Tower.

Walt is pissed because he used to be the man when it came to Comic trivia and now everyone has all that info at their fingertips thanks to Google.  After finding out Ken Jennings is a comic fan he issues him a challenge.


Waco – Coolangatta

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