#350: I am the Patriarchy


Sandusky II, #SavePedro follow up, a listener is heard.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“No one has ever met my robotic standards” – Walt

“I know you probably won’t feel anything, you don’t have a soul” – Walt

“Oh you narcissistic cunt, what is wrong with you?” – Bry

“God invented dicks for anyone who wanted to suck them.  Go Penn!” – Bry as a Penn Stater

“Everybody must have a transgender family member deep down.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q get’s his science knowledge from BoJack Horseman when it comes to DNA testing.

Sandusky’s son follows in his old man’s pedophillic footsteps, straight to jail.  Jeremy Sandusky is asking 15 year old girls for nudes, but claims it’s not weird because he has a medical background.  Walt get’s hammered throughout the week from PSU loyalists, reads an email that was sent in by a listener that was annoyed by the Penn State discussion on the show.

Bry marvels at how people believe they can get away with crimes these days with modern day forensics.

PSU also guilty of a hazing related death when the Frat boys don’t call 9-1-1 when a pledge breaks his spine.

More “South of the Border” talk where Bry wonders if Mario is as racist as Pedro or if people would be as happy to visit a Blackface theme park.  There is a debate on whether or not Speedy Gonsalez is racist or a cultural icon in Mexico.  Walt says a Leprechaun is held on a pedestal in Ireland, Bry and Q think it could easily be seen as a reductive stereotype.

Q and Bry talk about the movie “IT”, Q felt it could have used more racism towards the character Mike Hanlon.

Q goes to see Groundhog Day the musical only to overhear a skinny jean wearing hipster complain about the Patriarchy and how the female characters don’t have any purchase in the story.

A Blue Apron ad leads Q to remember an alternate use for butter from “Last Tango in Paris” and how he replicated the act with a girlfriend.

Walt tries futilely to end the pod three times but the guys have more ads to read.

Walt always wanted a robot friend that had boundless energy.


Equilibrium – Vague Space

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