#351: NO MANGO


TESD vies for gang status. Walt receives a warning from a mysterious source.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“I think the bigger question is do you know what Overkill even is?” – Walt to Bry

“Is your couch fucking King Size?  I doubt it!” – Walt to Gitem

“I think we should get rid of Mike just in case” – Q about a hypothetical Hitler situation.

“Overkill!  Over-kill! The only thing that’s spooky right now is your pulse rate and your wild eyes!” – Walt to Bry when he gets riled up.

“My library music now has fuckin’ Gitem walls around it!” – Walt

“I got a hand job in a night club in Miami called Mangoes” – Q

Reoccurring Segments:


Memorable Moments:

Mike and Ming are the bad boys of pocasting, as in they are bad at it.

Walt wants TESD to be the Insane Clown Posse of podcasters.  The Juggalos have been labeled a gang, Walt wants the Ants to be as well.  Bry cites occasions where Ants have been denied entrance to a church and registering their car due to 4 Color Demons shirts and stickers on their car.

Ken Jennings refuses to answer Bry’s challenge to take on Walt in a comics trivia contest.

Gitem joins Walt for the ad reads.  During a Casper read Gitem reveals he prefers to sleep on his couch than go upstairs to sleep in his King size bed.  Walt asks if it’s because he is too “Natty’d Out”.

The second ad is for Zip Recruiter and devolves into Walt chiding Gitem for not being the computer whiz he had touted himself as.  Walt accuses Gitem of sabotaging the computer system to ensure he is still needed.   Walt often gets locked out of the new password system that Gitem set up, turns out he was putting in the wrong password.

Bry still doesn’t understand the theme of Overkill and comes to the table with the unsolved murder of Hitler’s niece.

If it was discovered that Mike was a secret Hitler what would happen.  Walt would call Kev to tell him to get in front of the situation.  If Q found out he was a secret Hitler he would use it as an excuse as why he doesn’t want to have kids.

Ben Affleck was on a TV show about finding his ancestors and discovers he is descended from slave owners.

Walt gets an email from someone claiming to be a time traveler warning him to stay away from mangoes due to his severe poison ivy reaction.  Walt claims to have never been exposed to mangoes before, but then just six days after receiving the warning is offered mango cheesecake.

Walt reads the levels of the Illuminati and how to advance in the ranks.  The top tier are the Priest, the Prince, the King, and the Mage.  Walt tries to figure out who in his life fit those four titles.


Bad Knaves – Get Up On High

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