#352: LEGO Babies

*Featured image by #BSJett


Bry smells something foul, Walt brings a list of peeves, Q cares about nothing.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave


“You wanna keep going below the belt on Mike and Ming?” – Walt

“They already do that enough to each other!” – Bry

“The stank of someone that slummed with I Sell Comics since last we saw.” – Bry about Walt.

“Six hours a day he’s got his finger in a hole in the wall in the basement.” – Q

“Can you just get in your car and go to Anthony Cumia’s right now? Ask if they need a third.” – Walt to Bry

“The world should be more like I Sell Comics.” – Bry

“The Warren Buffet of Legos!” – Q about Git’em

“To others it’s just a correction but I know it’s a devastation.” – Walt

“One of them has a bank account in the millions, the other one is burying a hundred bucks in his back yard!” -Q comparing Kardashians with Git’em.

“Those millions of followers are wrong!  Your mother and father are right.  They are the two followers you can count on, cuz we follow you honey!” – Walt

“A needle of chocolate wasn’t bad, how bad can this needle of heroin be?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt appeared on I Sell Comics #277 to promote some books he worked on, Metro and Knights of the 5th Dimension. Walt is amazed at Mike and Ming’s positivity and how welcoming they were.

Bry is set to appear on Artie and Anthony on Anthony Cumio’s own network.  Q warns him not to get caught up in the unPC talk they are known for.

Bry tweets a very purposeful neutral statement on twitter regarding NFL players kneeling during the national anthem just to gauge how heated the discussion would get from both sides.  His experiment worked.  Walt educates Bry to the reason behind the gesture.

Walt has been receiving emails that he is hurting the TESD brand for being too “Woke” and they wished for the old Salty Walt back.  Walt brings his list of Peeves which are hard stances on soft topics.

Q was seen wearing a Penn State jersey at a Tenderloin show at PSU.  Walt and Bry accuse him of supporting Sandusky.

Someone had purchased Hitler’s underwear at auction:  Mein Undies.

Peeve 1:  Adults who buy and put together Legos.  Walt calls Git’em over to answer as to why he is purchasing multi-hundred dollar Lego kits he will never even open.  Git’em explains the secondary Lego black market.

Bry has been watching GLOW on Netflix and has been really enjoying it.  He realizes you can get away with being off color if the show is set in the past since it was the times.

Bry tells Q that he is Sage’s favorite on Impractical Jokers and that she claims to be his girlfriend.  Walt says likewise Q was his daughters favorite and before they knew that he and Q were friends, Walt would troll them saying how horrible Q is and that he looks like a jerk.

Bry and Walt remember a worker on Comic Book Men, Ronnie, who was really smart and didn’t mind correcting Git’em and how Walt would revel in these instances.

Peeve 2:  People who are excited about the Kardashian/Jenner pregnancies.  These people care more about celebrities than if it was someone they knew.  Walt believes Git’em outshines all of them in all areas but looks.

Some sorority girls at UNH are under scrutiny for releasing video of themselves on Instagram singing “Gold Digger”.   The guys wonder why they felt the need to share this on the internet.

Peeve 3:  Walt annoyed that people are giving accolades to the King of Saudi Arabia for finally allowing women to drive when they should have had the right all along.

Peeve 4:  Walt is annoyed his daughter purchased a plastic syringe filled with melted chocolate believing the confection to be a gateway drug like candy cigarettes used to be.


Doug Funnie – Rick and Morty (Recap Rap)

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