#353: The Gun Show


Vegas, Trumptards and libs, oh my.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“I’ll give you 25 bucks for the digital download.” – Sunday Jeff

“C’mon Bignuts, put’em on the table.” -Sunday Jeff

“I remember the time I didn’t have pills for two days and I was less rabid than when I just saw him.” – Bry

“you should have said Tell ‘me Steve-Dave” – Sunday Jeff

“You don’t get paid to podcast son” – Sunday Jeff

“Look . . . HE REMIXED DESTROYER, that’s the reason i wouldn’t buy it.” – Sunday Jeff

“Floyd the barber would be carrying while cutting your hair?” – Walt

“His daughters are princesses, there’s like a pea underneath like 20 Caspers.” – Bry

“What’s Peter and Ace gettin’ out of this?” – Sunday Jeff

“You had those Burger King glasses you were so hopped up on hobbits!”- Walt to Sunday Jeff

Memorable Moments:

Bry, Walt, and Sunday Jeff weigh in on the Las Vegas shooting and the media follow up.  A teacher uses the term “trumptard” saying she doesn’t care if any of the country music fans die because they probably voted for Trump.  Walt asks if it is too early to discuss gun control right after a mass shooting because of heightened emotions, when is it a good time?  Could we schedule it?

Walt claims to have no trouble censoring himself from cursing on the set of Comic Book Men but can not help himself when they record TESD while the store is open.

Git’em mentions a town where it is illegal to NOT own a gun, Walt demands a fact check.  5 American cities that require gun ownership.  These are mostly rural towns with very little police and citizens should be able to protect themselves.  Walt says it sounds like Mayberry.

Walt and Sunday Jeff debate whether Gene Simmon’s $2000 vault of unreleased music is just greediness or a man driven to extremes to fight against piracy.  Walt wants Jeff to put up 1000 bucks to split it with him and Git’em.

Sunday Jeff tries to say he has cut down on his collectible buying but Walt has the evidence to prove he hasn’t since his orders come straight to the Stash.


IT – We’re All In This Together

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