#354: Overbites Matter



Bry brings a hard hitting headline. With the passing of Tom Petty, Q looks to Walt as his new guru.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“You drive a Wrangler, you piece of shit!” – Q

“That cock is heaven sent” – Walt

“. . . . right” – Bry

“Sage could turn into Sarge” – Walt

“When I’m done I’m done.  I just roll off and its sandwich and nap time.” – Q

“I mainline testosterone. It’s a problem, you’re too manly.” – Walt

Reoccurring Segment:

Rant or Ruse:  The commercials Walt brings to the table are…

1)  We are professional grade GMC.  Is Walt angry because of the elitist attitude of the spot, stepping on the ants of the world.

2)  Dez Bryant Samsung phone press conference.  Is Walt angry because the spot makes fun of overbites equating them with being slow.

3)  Dentist commercial saying “Healthy Gums Matter”.  Is Walt angry that they are trivializing BLM?

Memorable Moments:

Q goes to see Guns N Roses and sits next to Chris Rock in a surreal experience when all he wants to do is go home and sleep.

Bry low from a lack of podding wants to go on Craigslist for a hooker just to interview her.

Sage tries to capture Puss in Boots by setting traps in the house.

Bow Wow is inflating his ego again, this time by tweeting a Photoshop of himself as part of Death Row records in 1993.  Bry thinks he should add himself to the Clerks poster.

One of the babies from Ghostbusters II kills himself.

Q is saddened by the passing of Tom Petty.

Bry and Ming go on the Jim and Sam show with Michael Madsen who just discovered he had a 30 year old daughter.

Bry goes to the doc to get his Testopills so he doesn’t have to use the gel anymore.  Walt asks about a product called a “Duration Spray” he saw a commercial for.

Walt interrogates Q as to what content is in the new IJ tour as he is planning on going to Maddison Square Garden with his daughter.  Q insists it is a family friendly show that you can bring your kids to and completely sell out.  Walt wants his clean cut approach to take the credit for his success.

Walt joins his first online forum for collected comic books.


All This Time You’ve Been Waiting For This – Shape The World. The Heavens And The Earth


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