Audible Bonus Pod

Pod Description:

Here’s your beloved bonus pod…in case you’ve forgotten it’s for supporting our latest sponsor According to our advertising guy, they just dropped us so understand this is somewhat of a bittersweet occasion. Lousy bastards. Don’t cry for us, though…we’ll persevere. If there’s anything you know about the boys of TESD, it’s that we’ve got that extra-special, pick-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps, can-do spirit! Thanks for supporting TESD &…But mostly TESD.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

English Russ and Doctor Sally

Thorne Winter


“You know the camera adds ten pounds.”

“What are you standing in front of 4 cameras?” – Q and a fellow firefighter

“Can I get away with calling him Mong Chen?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Recorded while the opening credits for “The Secret Stash” is being shot, Ming’s heroic pose looks like he’s taking a crap. In the animated credits Bry will be a norse god, Walt a giant monster, Mike a classic super hero and Ming will be… Hello Kitty?

Bry and Walt contemplate life after the reality show airs, will they have the same effect as Jersey Shore.

Walt celebrates his birthday by going to Collingswood auction with the whole family, including Socks. Socks was not as into bargain hunting as Walt would have hoped. The whole family then goes to Yestercades and dinner at the diner.

Thorne Winter is excited to work on the puppet DVD.

Bry is confused by trending topics on twitter. Walt thinks twitter should charge a penny a tweet to cut down on all the banal shit people are tweeting.

Ricky Gervaise gets in trouble for using the word “Mong”.

Walt suggests having a Puck Nuts Minute during weekly TESD.

Pam was pressuring Bryan into marrying Daughter X so that his grandmother Gertie could see him walk down the aisle.


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