#355: The 2017 Overdose Full Special


A holy visitor guides TESD through the depths of hell to rescue the Baron.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Father Lance

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Chris Laudando


“Welcome to Hell, Father Lance. I see you brought your two altar boys with you, the Alt-Left and the Alt-Right.” – Chris

“Chris I can’t believe you’re still here with the oppressive heat. I would have thought a snowflake like you would have melted a long time ago.” – Father Lance.

Reoccurring Segment:


What Would Sunday Jeff Do

Games Played:

Roast-off, Dyslexia, I Sell Comics Quiz, What Would Sunday Jeff Do

Memorable Moments:

“The first video enhanced Podcast.

Bryan shows off his bloody tampon in a mini sombrero costume as he reads a Good Housekeeping list of offensive costumes.

Q channels his inner Madea and pronounces the word “”Scared”” as “”Scurred”” the entire episode.

Baron Von Flanagan’s soul is trapped in hell for reading one too many facts. Bry, Q, and Father Lance must travel to hell to rescue him. To do this they must best four demons at their own game.

Their first oponent is Chris Laudando the Roaster of Souls, who Father Lance must beat in a Roast competition.

Their second challenge is given by Gitem the Jack-Off-Lantern, Gitem in a green suit with his face painted, who challenges them to a game of Dyslexia. Q’s lack of humility gets him into trouble as the Baron makes him answer question after question until he learns his place.

Third Father Lance is confronted by the two headed demon Mike and Ming and must endure a hellish recording of I Hell Comics about the top five Hell related comic characters and then answer trivia questions about the conversation.

The final challenge is given by the angel Sunday Jeff who gives them a quick game of What Would Sunday Jeff Do.

After all four challenges are complete the Baron reveals that his soul was never in danger after all and then proceeds to steal the soul of everyone who purchased a mini Prussian Skull.”

Link to video footage!

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