#357: Kenan and Q


Old man Flanagan weighs in on the ‘family friendly’ IJ MSG show, Steve Harvey disappoints a nation, Bry has a hairy butt, Miss TESD Overbite contest.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice I got a fuckin DYFS investigation goin on” – Walt

“Well, we….. I dunno, I’m really disappointed” – Q

“I don’t know any Ants that are gonna cut a baby out of a womb” – Bry

“Wellll…” – Walt

“What does the Compliment Machine known as Edgar say about Pam’s cooking” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt was promised a family friendly act at the IJ show at MSG and was swindled. Colin Jost was filthy and the Jokers were making boner jokes. Q apologizes to Walt in front of the entire crowd.

Walt speaks his displeasure at the Miss Overbite contest, insisting it be a Space Monkeys venture.  Click Here and Here for the live video drawing of the winner.

Bry expresses wanting to be a cult leader. Walt says he already is one.

Bryan is surprised at Steve Harvey’s family feud.

Q meets Keenan Thompson and is blown away with how nice he is.

Thanksgiving plans. Walt and family are going to Houlihans, Bry is anticipating fights at home.  Picture of the #Japple

Once upon a time Q and Sal camp out for Black Friday only to have Murr pull up in a car and cut in line with them as soon as the doors open.

TESD announces a project 2 years in the making that will drop on Black Friday. TESD TV.

The traditional Xmas episode will drop December 21, “Space Monkeys Save Christmas”.




The Rough Touch – Death Of A Preacher

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