Pod Description:

It’s here! Bryan, Walt, Q, Gitem, and Sunday Jeff in this all original never before heard/seen episode of TESD. This pod is interlaced with animation and features the debut of the much anticipated game show: Quinn It To Win It. With your purchase you will receive:

• TESD T.V. Full Feature
• TESD T.V. Outtakes
• Bonus Audio Pod: Quinn It To Win It

Buy it at https://www.tellemstevedave.com/product/tesd-tv/ 


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

Harris Khan


Frank 3

Frank 5

Frank 2

Courage My Love

EK Morris

Chris Laudando


“They’re making the special Olympics easier and easier every year” Q

“Bryan Johnson, it says here you have no interests” – Walt as a game show host introducing the contestants.

“Its a trans-Atlantic Ball Suckin'” – Gitem as Q

“Oooh I got bettah things to do, look at you hairy Mooks. I’m trying to become Metro-Erectus Q and get more ladies for da tribe.” Gitem as Homo Erectus Q.

“Is there a reason why Mike’s not here? Did you not invite him for a reason?” -Q

“Cut That” Walt under his breath.

Games Played:

You Gotta B-Quinn it to Win it

Game 1 Quinn on Quinn Violence. Q will debate a topic against the contestant acting as Q with Walt awarding points as he sees fit.

Game 2 Stop the Quinnsanity- An improve game where all three contestants interact with one another. Walt gives prompts along the way awards points as he sees fit.

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

This video pod is enhanced with cartoon vignettes animated by Harris Khan. Originally recorded in August 2015.

Walt, Bry, Q, Sunday Jeff, Gitem, and Ming all pitch 3 unique television shows for air in TESD Town.

Monday Night programming by Sunday Jeff.

8:00 show – Gitem Up starring Gitem as the worlds first Horse PI solving crimes at the race track.

9:00 show – Unfantasy Bryland which is “very similar” to Fantasy Island but everything always goes wrong. Bry plays the lead Ricardo Montelban role with Ming as his Tatoo.

10:00 show – TESD Sports Present Monday Night Indoor League. Walt and Sunday Jeff are the color commentators presenting the Lingere bowl.

Tuesday Night programming is proposed by Walt.

8:00 – Dollah Shave Power Hour. An animated program featuring Dollah Shave and his snobby British robot dog Honky fighting bad guys such as Hickler and the Gitem Man. The power hour also features Qubed where a young BQ and his living stuffed cat Mr. Whiskers go on adventures in the Staten Zone rescuing Princess Jennifuh from the tribe of Scooter Dudes. The final show in the power hour is SargeL18 and Princess Telequhua going on adventures in the vortex.

9:00 show- May I Be Frank? A reality competition show where a contestant must complete several disgusting tasks to become a new Frank #.

10:00 show – The Phantasmagoric World of Baron Von Flanagan, a twilight zone-esque show with the Baron as host.

Wednesday night programming presented by Gitem.

8:00 show – Bottle Pickers. Gitem goes to peoples properties to dig up trash in their back yard looking for things to sell at the flea market.

9:00 show – Mista Whiska which is show based on Mr. Ed with BQ having a talking cat that likes to cause mischief.

10:00 show – T.E.S.D.S.I. which is a crime procedural set in TESD town where Walt, Bry, and Q are lawyers trying to get Ming out of jail for smuggling.

Thursday Night programming is provided by Q.

8:00 show – Q, too. A more responsible 41 year old Q must put up with his rambunctious early 20s counterpart who has drunkenly fallen through a time portal.

9:00 show – Asshole Homeless Dude. A deadly virus is set to wipe out the human population but the only one with an immunity is a huge prick and in return for giving a cure he is assigned a get out of jail free card where no laws apply to him.

10:30 show (to avoid competing with IJ) – Double O Gitem, an adventure program with Gitem as the super spy.

Friday programming by Bryan.

9:00 show – Gitem Good, another crime show starring Gitem where he is an acclaimed detective who after a near death experience is visited by the ghost of Frank 2. who helps with him solve crime.

10:00 show – Fat News followed by the Arbitrary Arbiter where judge Walt passes judgment without any rule or reason like how he moderates his games.

11:00 show – Brian Quinn Time Gigolo a sexy Sci Fi romp where Q bangs his way through history.

Saturday programming is supplied by Ming.

8:00 show – Sunday Jeff is the coach and general manager of a Indoor League lingerie bowl team and must deal with weekly drama on and off the field.

9:00 show – a hidden camera program called Zapped, where Mike plays pranks on an unsuspecting public.

10:00 show – Puck Nuts, a drama filled program of 4 former hockey players who become sports commentators and face network pressure to be the number one sports show.

Sunday programming is 3 hours of the worlds next favorite game show “You Gotta Quinn it to Win it”

During the “You Gotta B-Quinn it to Win it” bonus audio it is revealed that Gitem’s boss at the race track is still criticizing him for his pins and his Secret Stash sweat shirt and that Gitem won a marathon in his age class at summer camp, for being the only one in his age group.

Q proclaims he IS still an average Joe because he had to clean his own bed after his cat shit and pissed all over it and didn’t even get a discount at Bed Bath and Beyond due to his celebrity.

Caveman Q, Neanderthal Q, and Homo Erectus Q try to advance their society.

Gitem is awarded the crown, a flat cap in the style Q always wears, and he immediately clips his LED sign onto it.



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