#358: F*ck the trees!


A Devils fan gets stabby. Walt “helps” Bry hang a TV and then spends the best $1.10 of his life.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank #5


“Declan is offering one on one training,” – Walt

“In blow jobs!” – Bry

“Did she help you?  What a nice lady, she’s going to be your Mommy soon.” – Bry to Sage about Stacy.

“I did not say it, I did Nooooooot.  Oh hai Pam” – Bry paraphrasing the Room about his Thanksgiving with Pam.

Memorable Moments:

A devils fan stabs a Philly fan for being disrespected.

A handy Walt helps Bry hang a TV, it does not go smoothly. Bryan new house is like a fun house all slanted and dark.

Bry has a thanksgiving argument with Pam when she starts making things up and refusing to admit she’s wrong. Jameson whiskey saves Qs thanksgiving .

Walt powers through Thankgsiving dinner despite the smell of shrimp emanating from the table.

Q would rather kill hundreds of trees in exchange of being able to sleep comfortably in air-conditioned hotel rooms.

Q has some trouble with the Friday the 13th game where when he plays as Jason the players controlling the counselors will taunt him for not being able to kill any of them.

Q doesn’t answer group texts.

Walt and family visit Busch Gardens to see the wonderful world of Rankin Bass Christmas display. Tom Tom gets Walt lost but he gets to use a personal private highway to get away from the general public.


Marbles & Pencils – Hands Up

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