TESD Live at The Gramercy Theater

Pod Description:

For the first time witness Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave Live on stage! On film! In HD!

Over 2 hours of live footage filmed at the legendary New York Gramercy Theatre. Starring Brian Quinn, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan, and featuring TESD favorites Git ‘Em Steve-Dave, Ming Chen, Sal Vulcano and Sunday Jeff.

This landmark film includes both TESD Gramercy shows recorded on July 15, 2016, as well as the NEVER SEEN BEFORE Bonus Footage of Episode 300: Git’Em To The Chapel! You do not want to miss this!

Buy it at https://www.tellemstevedave.com/product/tesd-live-gramercy-theatre/


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Sal Vulcano

Brian Maxwell

LED Soundsystem



“When Declan hears this, he knows he’s out of a job” Walt about Q’s thunder tube.

“It’s like having a fever, when you get all those weird dreams but without the aches and pains” – Walt about working with Gitem.

“Who the fuck makes this game? Donald Trump?” – Sal

“Gitem was right about me” – Q

Games Played:

Roll a Role


Reoccurring Segment:


Baron Von Flanagan

Memorable Moments:


This video contains two separate Live TESDs recorded at the Gramercy Theater.

First Live Show:

Walt’s vision of the dramatic stage show “Talking Dead” comes to life as Q and Bry enter in cult robes carrying their own lynched puppets. Baron Von Flanagan enters in top hat and cape as all three spit blood upon the audience.

During the Baron Von Flanagan segment Bry and Q provide Thunder and Lightning with a thunder tube and a strobe light.

Gitem and LED SoundSystem perform “Day in the Life” live.

Sunday Jeff arrives wearing all Khakis.

Bry regales the audience with the traumatic trip to the show with him Walt, Gitem, and Sunday Jeff almost getting sideswiped by a van and the constant bickering.

Walt and Gitem come up with a mantra to ensure they remember whether or not they’ve locked the front door, a problem that has caused Walt and Mike numerous sleepless nights.

Sal and Ming join the table for a game of Roll a Role. During the role play no one can keep track of who is male or female or what the topic of choice is.

Bry tells a Why Bry story, where he replies to an email from the digital producer of AMC asking for the guys to compile a comic “pull list”. Bryan’s answer to her is sexually explicit and vulgar.

Second Live Show:

The second show begins in much the same way as the first however with Sunday Jeff and Ming as the cultists this time around. Bryan Johnson is nowhere to be found until he comes hustling up the aisle wearing a Dominoes shirt and “the tightest dickies”.

There is now a bottle of Jameson in front of Q, despite claiming to Walt he doesn’t drink at live shows anymore.

The Baron brings more mind blowing facts. Bry admits wanting to have a baby duckling imprint on him so it thinks he’s it’s dad and they go on adventures.

The second show turns into an overkill episode as Gitem Ming Chen and Sunday Jeff join the table to riotous chants of Sunday Jeff.

Walt’s overkill topic is about an Independent Presidential candidate Andrew D. Bisaggio who claims to be a time traveler who has witnessed Lincolns assassination twice. He promises to share the technology and put Bigfoot on the endangered species list.

Ming has an overkill topic about Chinese Ant Eating therapy which is said to have brought the Ming Dynasty emperor a long life.

Bry’s topic is about Pokemon Go being tied to satanic and Illuminati symbols.

Q has a speed round of 7 quick overkill topics.

Gitem is able to communicate with parrots using the John Williams score of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Sunday Jeff has a story about a man who received a donated heart falls in love with the mans widow and ends up dying the same way as the first man.

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