TESD XMAS 2017: Space Monkeys Save Christmas

Pod Description:

Visit https://www.tellemstevedave.com/product/tell-em-steve-dave-x-mas-2017/


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Father Lance

Chris Laudando

Sunday Jeff

Frank #5

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic


Joe Gatto

Brian Maxwell

Joey Fatone

Mentioned Person:


“It looks like its counting down to some time in March, must be something Romantic” Bry about the tower on the TESD website.

“What do you mean you’re a Deacon? I put my Deacon (Dick in) Mike!” Bry as Ming.

“Some liberal rag, some liberal rag, liberal? Some liberal rag, some liberal? liberal? Some LIberal Rag, is that right?” Q has a stroke.

“Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho” Ming quoting Die Hard

Games Played:


Newlywed Style Game with Mr. and Mrs. 5

Memorable Moments:

Joey Fatone acts as narrator as the Space Monkeys Save Christmas after Santa’s untimely death by nuclear assault. Bry and Q take up the mantle of gift giver going house to house in TESD town judging the residents on whether they are naughty or nice.

Q borrows the TruTV Turner Flying Sleigh to get the job done. Reports differ if it is gas powered or Reindeer powered.

Even on Christmas Bryan can’t bring Walt a real Overkill topic, as he tells the story of a gruesome murder on Christmas.

J-Sarge is named Santa Bry’s official elf as he is grotesquely short.

The first stop of the night is Father Lance, who is proven to be slothful as he has not yet fixed his leaky bathtub and gets on the naughty list.

Chris Laudando forgoes World Peace in favor of a walk on appearance on IJ.

Sunday Jeff discovers the true meaning of Christmas is Rankin and Bass specials.

Frank 5 and Mrs. 5 play a quick round of Newly Wed game to get themselves on the Nice List.

Walt gets the tables turned on him as Bry and Q test him and Sunday Jeff to dyslexia. Walt is enjoying it until the clue Happy Hamburger for Frankinsence sends him into a spiral.

Bry Walt and Q leave Father Lance, Sunday Jeff, Chris Laudando and the 5s and meet up with Troy as he is in a standoff with Joe Gatto still driving the stolen ambulance from 2016. Troy is judged nice despite supporting a Santa Sweat Shop.

Gitem is the next stop and the judging is derailed when the extent of Gitem’s hoarding is discovered.

The final stop on the way is Mike’s house where they run into both him and Ming, wearing matching PJs Mike the bottoms, Ming the top.


Senior Discount – Christmas Medley


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