#361: Git ‘Em Dies at the End

Episode Image by @kennyrubenis


Christmas and New Years reports, Git ‘Em has a near death experience, Baron Von Flanagan drops some sexy knowledge.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“You jerk off, do your nipples get hard?” – Q

“I’ll make you guys horny by these facts an thus you won’t be sad anymore” – Walt

“He emasculated his crew in front of you (and that made you feel better)” – Walt

“If you like that feeling you should come here almost every other day” – Git ‘Em

Walt: “To me, I see an 80 year old, I’m like ‘you’re gonna snap like a fuckin’ piece of spaghetti.’”

Bry: “That’s the only allure for me.”

Reoccurring Segments:

Baron Von Flanagon

Memorable Moments:

Walt wants to adopt Alec from the Shriner hospital commercial.

Bry spends New Years with Troy.

Gitem talks about visiting the cemetery to watch the ball drop with his grandma for several years.

Walt bemoans his daughters growing up and spending holidays with friends rather than family.

Bry pulls a Michael Douglas in Falling Down by demanding retribution when Sonic screws up his burger order for the 3rd time.

Gitem blacks out after telling a barn burner, no one leaps into action.

Q challenges Gitem to lose 75 pounds by October to win 5k.

The bawdy Baron gives sex facts.


NORM – Spilled Milk


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