#362: Keepin’ it rawz & keepin’ it realz


Bry needs a wife, Q vs Seth Rogen sex tape, Walt struggles with a recent death.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“On my own fucking soul, when this person dies I will shit on their grave at the cemetary” – Q

“She tried to emasculate me” – Walt

“Yeah, she fuckin’ neutered you in front of a bunch of people who were then like ‘Yeah get out you ball-less homo” – Bry

“The only thing saving her soul is that she’s special needs” – Q about Sage’s new teenage lying.

Memorable Moments:

Bry revels in a 5 Star iTunes rating for TESD above the Nerdist’s 4.5.

The boys weigh in on the Stan Lee sexual harassment allegations. Walt would gladly accept flaccid dick pics in return for all the joy he’s brought him.

Bry is a frazzled single mom taking care of Sage, Walt’s daughter will soon babysit to help out.

Walt thinks Q can propel himself higher into the celebrity stratosphere with a well timed sex tape.

Susan from the post office has passed away.

Q will enact decades long revenge against people who slighted him. He keeps a list of people and actively plans on shitting on someone’s grave.

Bry is wrongfully accused of being the office streaker in the early days of view askew.


Casanovacaine – Wall of the Earth

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