#363: Kweeping up with the Kwinns


Bry & Q are invited to a football party, Walt loses a son, TESD loses a beloved game.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Sometimes there’s a chocolate fountain, sometimes there’s a stripper” – Bryan

“That’s life in a nutshell” – Q

“Hey, ugh, queer, homo, gay… suck a dick ehh, ahhh, everyone’s gay but me!” – Walt mocking Bryan

Walt: “I’m not kidding around, man. The blood drained from my face as she came out cuz I was like, ‘what the fuck, where are we?!’ “
Bry: “Where did the blood go? Did your wife drag you to the car?”

Bry: “Just so you know, if they wanna do something we’ve done on Tell ‘em Steve-Dave, there’s gonna be a powwow.”

Memorable Moments:

Bry was nervous about being invited to a football party at Sal’s house since he doesn’t follow the sport but luckily Sal got sick and cancelled.

Brett Favre steals Alec from Shriners hospital from Walt.

Bry asks if Q would change his last name to Kwinn due to his new found fans the Kardasians who mentioned IJ on their reality show.

Walt mentions Trump using the term shitholes and wonders what the backlash would be if he publicly endorsed TESD.  Walt says they have to retire the the bit.

Q has had a really rough week with depression.

Walt takes his family to a new chain restaurant Tilted Kilt without realizing that it is a “breastaurant”

Walt believes ethics and morals need to be taught in schools


Pets with Human Names – Terracotta

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