#364: Himamānav


Bry gets as nasty as he wants to be, Git ‘Em runs afoul of Mike, a mystery substance lands on train tracks in a certain country.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


His coffee stays hot for 24 hours, his rage stays hot for weeks -Q about mike

“You know what’s- what’s going on right here, in case you don’t realize, they are shit stirring.” ~Walt

Memorable Moments:

Crypto man pods available for download.

Someone writes an article about Walt and his family taken from info said on TESD and Walt’s wife’s Facebook. Declan contacts a lawyer on Walt’s behalf.

Thermal cup 2018 Gitem tweets about an infomercial and mike gets offended. Walt says Mike and Gitem are squabbling because they haven’t been able to bond over a shared hatred of Rob Bruce.

Rob Bruce and Dante almost come to blows after a poker game.

Next week a new game about conspiracy theories with Gitem as moderator.

Bry recounts the Nasty as we Wanna Be show with Mike and Ming and how he was accosted by a woman afterwards for telling a story about Sage.

Catholic priests in Ireland are putting Vatican on blast for not training enough exorcists.

Was it a meteor or a giant ball of shit that landed on a railway in India


Thy Kingdom Slum – Master Plan


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