Pod Description:

The TESD Cochlear Album 2: Pan’s Poison is now available at for only $2.99 or whatever else you can spare. All proceeds go directly towards helping an FDNY member’s child. It’s also a really good, essential #TESD episode.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“I said plutonium not aluminum” -Bry

“You’re not gonna take a dump on Oz’s grave?” – Walt

“Adam should have kept his pimp hand strong?” – Bry

“he wanted to be the umero nuno on the team, they made him umero…they did everything”  – Walt

Games Played:

Memorable Moments:

TESD is the GOAT of bonus pods.

Q is a proud American and hates betrayal to the country more than personal betrayal.

Can Dogs and Cats be traitors?  Walt likes to think so.

Stories of betrayal from the Ants.

TESD talk about their favorite traitors.  Bry talks about the Rosenbergs, Q talks about Bennedict Arnold, and Walt talks about Kovalchuk who ruined his love of hockey.

Adam and Eve were the original traitors.  Q talks about Adam’s first wife Lilith who became a Susscabus.

Opiods and painkillers discussed.



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