#367 Beside Flanagan

Featured image from @tellemstevedave


Nuptials, Black Panther and millennials, oh my.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“You’re too busy playing doctor, you should be playing house!” – Walt to Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Q addresses how hard it has been to schedules TESD with the new IJ tour and the new IJ movie but that he will never sacrifice TESD.

Bry discusses his honeymoon phase with Stacy Patella-Johnson.  She has yet to meet her in-laws.

Walt says that if he knew how his life would end up with being on TV and the added revenue it brings he would have had a third child hoping for his boy.

Now that Bryan and Stacy are married Bry asks Q to increase Stacy’s medical benefits since he is her employer.

A French Bulldog dies on a United Flight by being put in an overhead bin.

Q is the more famous than the Q from James Bond.

Black Panther and the Last Jedi are discussed.

Katy Perry is a host on American Idol and “sexually assaulted” a contestant.  What if the genders were reversed?

Week two of Dyslexia the home game for listeners to email in and win Mini Skulls.

1. Mr. Streets:  Mrs. Fields

2. Generous Nights:  Hagen Daz

3. Earn More Hats:  Pay Less Shoes

Q is getting preached at for smoking weed.

TESD talks gun laws and how do you stop a tragedy.


Evoker – Insect Overlords

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