#370: Tell ‘Em Uber Dave


Jiggy joins TESD for a chat, Walt cheats on Tom Brady with Jim Halpert, Bry smells something fishy in a bakery.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“In my mind I didn’t know what a Jiggy would look like” – Walt

“We need a shock collar around this Fucker” – Walt about how to control Bry’s temperment

“Jim would put my keys in jello, not set me up to get arrested for masturbating!” – Walt about why Jim would be a good friend.

“All Roads lead back to fuckin’ Brady!” – Q

Reoccurring Segments:

Fat News:  A teen girl is fat shamed at a bakery by the customers behind her in line so in retaliation she purchases every cupcake in the store to deprive the rude people of their treats.

Memorable Moments:

Q will be filming the IJ film for six weeks, he says Bry and Walt should continue to record without him and that maybe Jiggy should step in while he’s gone.

Jiggy talks about performing at MSG and getting to go for double his set time since Colin Jost was late.  Despite this Walt still missed his set.

Q suggests Jiggy try One True Three to prove his worth on the pod.  Walt agrees and offers Dyslexia as the ultimate test.

Jiggy was once offered a blow job from a male Uber driver after being shot down by a girl after a 45 minute Uber ride.

If an elderly waitress calls you HoneyBuns, is it sexist?

Q is now an official Friar in addition to Kentucky Colonel.

Walt wants to be friends with Jim from the Office.  Bry is flabbergasted saying Jim is a smug ass who thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the room.  Walt points out the irony in that statement.  Gitem is like a less likable Dwight.

This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Pacifist Hate – Love Warrior
  • Yarmulkes max minus plugs butt – Tampons n Mini Sombreros
  • Cat Bible Your – It’s Porn Dog


The Captain Hates The Sea – The Octothorpe


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