#373: Number 5 is Alive

*Featured Image from @franknumberfive


Walt and Bry put the 2nd of Q’s stand-ins through the wringer and confront the idea that they may live in a shit hole county.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Frank #5

Mrs. 5


“Get a grip, you narcissist!” – Bry

“Is it Human?” – Walt

“I had a student come into me…” – Frank 5

“Ew gross, what was his name?” – Bry

“I used to be a TV and regular junkie, now I’m just a TV junkie.” – Bry

Games Played:

The Frank and Candid Quote Game

Memorable Moments:

TESD is on the road this week recording from the Frank 5 estate after Walt and Bry’s appearance at the 4th Wall in New Hartford, NY.  Let’s hope Frank 5 doesn’t start vacuuming to kick them out early.

Walt is impressed with Frank 5’s man cave and his 70s TV memorabilia.

Walt says he can’t get into new TV where he has to follow intricate plots, he escapes into the comfort of the Doris Day Show.

A serial pooper is caught in the next town over from Walt and Bry when a superintendent decides to poop on the race track of a rival school 8 separate times.

Walt thinks a fun game would be “Is it Human?”  where you have to decide if a shit is human or animal.

Would Mrs 5 stand by her man if she found out he was a phantom shitter?  What would be easier to forgive, the pooping or sleeping with a student?

Walt unveils a new game to play with Bry, Frank 5 and Mrs. 5:  The Frank and Candid Quote Game.

This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Gloomy Is – Cheerios
  • Pliable Three Plant – Cookie Crisp
  • Limp Vitamin – Sugar Crisp


Dead Is Forever – King With No Throne.

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