#374: Johnson Being

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When joined by another TESD alum, Walt gets competitive and Bry gets his Irish up.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn (during Cinco TESD Mayo announcement)

Chris Laudando

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave (During 12 Minutes in Hell)


“He’s a worm that Tom Munne, money or logo not both!” – Bry

“Cuz I always wanted a nickname, I wouldn’t want Pussy in my nickname, unless it was Hound!” – Walt

“Gitem, he rolls with everything” – Walt

“He has to, he’s round as fuck!” – Bry

“I’m what people used to call a liberal, now I’m a Nazi!” – Bry

“I think my body is immune to all drugs” – Walt

“I definitely don’t follow him, all he talks about is IJ” – Walt about Q’s twitter

“I know you’re not paying attention to Declan’s tweets, you’ve probably unfollowed him.  I see him tweeting about cats and shit.  Who’s following this guy?  All anyone wants is when TESD is dropping, they don’t care about this cat!” – Walt

Reoccuring Segments:

12 Minutes in Hell

Games Played:

One True Tweet

Memorable Moments:

TESD announces the start of Cinco TESD Mayo from May 9 to June 15.  New shirts are available at Merch Table as well as a brand new video project Elephants in the Room, a 90 minute long game show with Walt and Gitem as hosts and TESD versus I Sell Comics.

This weeks guest host is Chris Laudando.  The origin of the name “Ghost Pussy”is discussed and Chris mentions how it irks him when people use it as a slur online when they would never say it to his face “or else they’d be choked out”.  It is difficult to tell tone on social media.

Walt reveals that Gitem often complains about Chris’ tweets because they are on the complete opposite ends of the political “and otherwise” spectrum.

Bry talks about visiting Q on the set of IJ movie.

Bry is annoyed by a tweet about the recent Texas school shooting where the poster says “Dear boys, If your reaction to being turned down by a girl is to shoot her and a bunch of other people as revenge, maybe you’re just an asshole and this is why you can’t get dates? Try not being an asshole. See if you get more dates that way. Just a thought…”.  Bry finds this condescending and reductive as 99.9999999% of people who are rejected, their response is not to shoot up a school.

Walt finds out the small bottles of amyl nitrate that they would take in high school (as discussed in #132: Kickin’ It Softly) were really big in the gay community to loosen up “throats and rectums”.

Chris talks about his new hobby of painting with acrylics.  Available here for purchase.

Walt believes Disney is killing Star Wars.

Walt says he has been mostly lenient when he see’s reports of things from TESD appearing in other shows, ala Funeralz and One True Three, but claims he will go Ape Shit if someone steals Dyslexia.

Someone suggests the name ANTonyms for Dyslexia.

Chris Laudando brings his own game to TESD for Walt and Bry to play, One True Tweet.  As a competitive person and fellow Game Show creator Walt proves a fierce contestant.

This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Can Hinder Standing Out Hate – Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Brain Fix Office – Heart Break Hotel
  • Red Birthday – Blue Christmas


The Winter Project – Pantomime

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