Elephants in the Room

*Featured Image by @bsjett

Pod Description:

In the summer of 2017, the podcast Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave filmed a gameshow pilot episode to pitch to an unnamed television network.

“ElephANTs in the Room” combines the classic atmosphere of beloved gameshows, with the insightful and humorous world of podcasting.

When you add in elephant-based physical changes, and the perils of taboo topics that no that sane person would ever dare to discuss, you get “ElephANTs in the Room!”

With an explosive and shocking final challenge, it’s safe to say you have NEVR seen a gameshow like this!

Buy it at https://www.tellemstevedave.com/product/elephants-in-the-room/


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Chris Laudando

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


“It says here you ‘lava’ good hot sauce, and Ming says your sauce is the hottest” – Walt to Mike

“It says here, Brian, that you ‘depreciate’ a good tax joke” – Walt to Q.

“I’ve never been a big fan of nepotism”- Bry

“He’s missing two tusks so you’ll have the advantage” – Bry to ISC during the first physical challenge.

“Pretend you’re tossing salad!” – Sunday Jeff to Mike

“I can tell you Sunday Jeff DID want his head stuck in a rhino’s ass” – Walt

“Ming doesn’t want to do this one because so far no one has been able to force him to be a father.” – Troy

“They look like a Nutrisystem before and after photo” -Ming about Walt and Gitem’s matching safari outfits.

“Is it too late to talk about a divine child rapist?” – Bry regrets not doing the Elephant in the Room topic about Muhammad.

“We gotta get a head in the anus or there’s no payoff!” – Walt

Games Played:

Elephants in the Room

The name of the game is taken from the common phrase that means an obvious topic that is difficult to talk about.  Two teams compete representing a different listener.  For the team that wins their listener wins 100 dollars of their podcast’s merchandise.    Each team in turn is asked an Elephant related question.  If the question is answered correctly the team wins 15 points.  If the question is answered incorrectly the team can choose to A)  Give a 2.5 minute long podcast about an “Elephant in the Room” controversial topic.  The podcast is judged by the ‘Peanut Gallery’ and can win between 3-15 points or B) Compete in an Elephant themed physical challenge versus Gitem and if victorious win an automatic 15 points.

At the end of the game the winning team can compete in the Pachyderm Paycheck Challenge in order to double or triple their listener’s winnings.  A large constructed elephant is brought into the room and a player from the winning team must stick their head up it’s rectum and route around all the brown muck for a paycheck.

Memorable Moments:

When Bry and Q find out the listener they are playing for is Gitem’s girlfriend they call foul.

During the first multiple I Sell Comics multiple choice Elephant question, Walt “accidentally leaves off choice D, none of the above forcing a physical challenge or podcast.

Commercial Break 1:  Q’s Brews by Shawn S Sealer and 13%ers by Gina Mastrostefano

I Sell Comics opts for the physical challenge.  Mike must eat a greater volume of a head of lettuce than Gitem in a one minute time frame.

Commercial Break 2:  New TESD Movies by Robert Rogers and Eugene’s Tasties by Harris Khan

Bry and Q compete in a physical challenge where Q has to fit more circus peanuts in his mouth than Gitem in 1 minute.

Commercial Break 3:  The Bottle Dump Warrior by Jesus Manet and Animated Fair-re-re tale theater by Kieran O-Sullivan

Commercial Break 4:  Dyslexia the Board Game by Chuck Staton and Brad Rohrer

A one minute speed round of Dyslexia is played where Walt reads a clue and both teams have the opportunity to buzz in to give a correct answer.  5 points are awarded for each correct answer.  Watching Bry and Q’s defeated and aggravated expressions is the highlight of the show.

Commercial Break 5:  Animated Adventures of Baron Von Flanagan by Miles P Standish, Collingswood Auction by Kawsmoe Naut, and TESD town Ants hockey by Chunder Toons.

Commercial Break 6:  Trailer for Scream Baron Scream, a horror film featuring Baron Von Flanagan and Dollah Shave versus monsters by Walt Flanagan and Chuck Staton

Q refuses to compete in the Pachyderm Paycheck Challenge for fear of ruining his “500 dollar” shirt and makes Gitem step up to the plate.


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