#376: Trash Purgatory

*Featured Image from @XJL_SanDiego


Walt and Bry cap off Q’s absence with the final guest host. Walt dusts off an old game.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan


Kevin Smith


“Mother Fucker couldn’t even protect his teeth, forget about gold” – Troy

“Did you come across any Colombos?” – Walt about Troy’s case history

“I’ll just take the job down at the Stash where two guys would NEVER give each other blow jobs… Oh Hi Mike and Ming.  God Damnit!” – Bry as young Walt after seeing some things in lock up.

“We have a human centipede of massages going on.” – Bry

Games Played:

I fought the law and the law One

Memorable Moments:

Troy is the guest chair this week.  He considered bringing in a game where he names three topics and have the guys guess which one people online were really offended by, but then realized that somewhere someone is always offended by everything.

Walt asks Troy if he would give Gitem a recommendation if he was applying for a job guarding Fort Knox.  Walt is giddy to hear Troy would definitely not.

Troy recounts how he met the guys after befriending Kevin on the set of Cop Out.  Troy started attending the hockey tournaments and hit it off with Bry after the live Brantford show.

Bry reveals Troy is the main offender of people who send him articles online to piss him off.

Troy talks of his law enforcement career and moved up through the force from patrolman to homicide detective.  He says that Barney Miller is the most true to life cop show.  Walt asks Troy if he has his own Huggy Bear.

Bry thinks Walt would be a good undercover cop since he never sweats, Troy doesn’t think so since sometimes you have to do things to prove you aren’t a cop like take drugs and Walt won’t even eat spices.

After Troy retires he wants to start a pod with Bryan.  Walt suggests naming it Humor and the Badge.

Does Walt ever regret not taking that Corrections Officer job?

Kevin Smith hangs out on a Casper mattress watching Scarface with Bry and Walt for a commercial read.

There is a costumed vigilante in San Diego named The Brick who wears a 4 Color Demon Jersey.

This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Rock Ming Earthy – Woodcliff Lake
  • Gave Off Sky – Haddonfield
  • Pauper Ounce – Princeton


Crazies – Crazy

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