#379: Stop That Pigeon

*Featured image from @mingchen37 on instagram


he Jokers star in a new tow truck show, Bry marvels at Ming’s passion, Walt goes on a cruise to the mosquito coast.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“If Tom Brady can eat a pliable butthole the why shouldn’t I?” – Bry

“Which ant is going to go tell a dying child that their least favorite member of the show has eaten hand model ass?” – Q

“I love Baseball everyone!  4th of July and Baseball!” – Bry as Q

“Let hobos piss in the street and let’s fuck our cousins!” – Bry as Rudy Giulianni

“Does anyone here wanna get Zika?  Cuz I don’t!” – Walt


Memorable Moments:

Q is going to see the Yankees play on July 4 with Lorne Michael’s tickets.  Walt confuses him with Lorne Greene from Bonanza.  The seats are right behind home plate so that Q is sure to get more TV exposure.  You can’t escape seeing Q on TV even when watching sports!

Walt mentions just getting back from a family cruise and jokes that he thought he went through the Bermuda Triangle when the on boat TV was running the 2010 TruTV lineup of towing shows rather than IJ.

Mike Z goes on the Respekt the Blackout podcast and claims he’s an accomplished ass eater, just like Tom Brady.

The ass eating revelation about Tom Brady has disenfranchised Walt from his hero worship and he has decided to move on to Aaron Rodgers.

It is revealed that two years ago Ming was so desperate to attend Emerald City Comic Con that he offered to go as a volunteer, or minion as they are called.

Bry and Ming really loved corn at a con panel the previous week.

Walt and family just got back from their family cruise to the islands.  One of the excursions they had planned was a trek through a jungle where the guide warned them they would be “eaten alive by mosquitoes, especially if you are wearing black”.   This causes Walt to second guess his families choice of recreation.  The tour guide offers to sell him a 15$ bottle of insect repellent which he happily buys only to later find out that there were no mosquitoes at all and the guide had fleeced him.



Thrown to the Wolves – Republic

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