#383: Mind Effer (Clean Version)

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Dave from Monster Magnet drops by to talk about tons of shit.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Dave Wyndorf


“Aren’t they just canned mushrooms?” – Walt about psychedelic mushrooms

Memorable Moments:

Dave would consider working at the Stash, Bry wonders who would get the axe.

Dave once tore apart another customer over the Spirit movie so badly that the customer never returned.  Walt gives him the pass since it’s Dave.

Another case of TESD makes the World takes when on the Impractical Jokers After Party they play a game called Two Bonks and a Yonk which is just One True Three.

Dave claims Led Zeppelin was notorious for outright stealing other artists songs.  It is also revealed that the Beastie Boys once used a Monster Magnet song as a basis for Sabotage.

Walt really wants Monster Magnet to do a concept album.

Walt and Dave get excited over Walt’s dial-a-vision glasses.

The guys go into more drug stories, Walt claims to have a super constitution as drugs don’t affect him.

Dave once told Walt’s kids that their dad was a cool guy which made Walt’s weekend.

The #MeToo movement is discussed, with the James Gunn and Chris Hardwick cases being examples of it maybe going too far.


Wild Kites – Pickpocket

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