#384: My Brother the Car

*Featured image by @bsjett


Bry’s brother Erik, official TESD Town shrink, takes the Flan and Son diagnostic assessment test. Bry displays questionable behavior at a wedding.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Erik Johnson


“Looks like Edward Scissorhands over here!” – Bry about Gitem’s knives

“It’s not a REAL radio, bro!” – Walt giving his assessment test to Erik

“I am a Human Being!” – Gitem quoting the Elephant Man

“Charlie, your mawwied?” – Bry referencing the famous quote by Trailer Park Drunk

Memorable Moments:

Erik Johnson is in town for a Johnson family wedding.  Bry has special moments with some cousins and his uncle after about 9 drinks.

Walt confesses he would convert to Judaism to have something else in common with Sunday Jeff.  Gitem lists several strict religious rules the Jewish faith has and how many ways people have invented to circumvent them, like having an elevator that automatically stops at every floor so no one has to break the Sabbath by hitting the button.

Walt urges Erik to debunk Gitem’s diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, saying he feels he uses it as an excuse to avoid social interactions sometimes.

Erik talks to Gitem about many of his eccentricities such as reluctance to throw anything away, burying money in the back yard rather than using a bank and stashing knives throughout his house in case of attack.

Walt and Gitem subject Erik to their personality test first seen on #378: Scatman Johnson

Erik in turn subjects Walt, Gitem, and Bry to common baseline questions new patients are asked during intake.

San Francisco has turned into a shithole city with human feces found in many places.


Speds – And So It Is

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