#385: Mr. Manager

*Featured image from the TESD Patreon Live Stream


A suicidal celeb garners Walt’s sympathy. Bry revels in Kendall Jenner’s woes. Q shakes his head at both.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen


“I’ll ride you” – Walt

“I probably need help, I guess, someone please help me” – Bry, facetiously about his anger issues

“Our Q has only banged regular models and pageant winners, no super models.” – Bry

“You know how many times I’ve been on morphine or some derivative of and have said ‘I’m floating baby!’?” – Bry about near death experiences

“I should have pulled the trigger.” – Bry about the gun play during sex with Suzanne.

Memorable Moments:

Recorded at A Shared Universe podcast studio as part of the August 2018 TESD patreon Live Stream.

Bry has more Kardashian news.  Apparently Kendall Jenner has pissed off the super model community by saying something stupid.  Bry expects Walt to defend her like he did Lil Bow Wow.

There was an unused Comic Book Men plot where Gitem would work as a fashion model.

Bry injured his thumb trying to throw something in anger after smashing through his back door with a weed whacker.


Bry found a used hypodermic needle in his yard while mowing the lawn.  Walt must ask him if it was one of his and he just forgot.

Walt feels bad about actor Ahmad Best, who contemplated suicide after the backlash from Jar Jar.  Q says he can relate due to Jokers Wild.

Gitem retells stories of his high school wrestling career, and uncontrollable laughter after losing.

The guys play a TESD themed board game called “TESD:  Escape from Ming Land” featuring trivia cards about famous moments from the podcast.

Gitem reveals he was removed as a moderator from the TESDcares reddit page.

With all the technical difficulties surrounding the live stream, someone suggests going on Twitch.  Bry says Jay Mewes plays video games for twitch and gets paid, even while he’s supposed to be doing meet and greets with his fans.

Q and Gitem reveal they are both looking to get licensed to own firearms


Like A Villain (AZ) – I’m Fine

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