#386: Washing the Martian

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Bry suffers an indignity, a delivery boy is scorned, Q drinks a Bud Light. Really.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Really Q?  Excuriate?” – Walt

“Really Q?  Bud Lite?” – Q

“Really Q? Blow Job?” – Walt

“Yeah I got a guy here, says he has a room.  He’s dropping Brian Quinn’s name” – Hotel Manager

“One day you’re fresh fish, the next you’re dirty stinky clam.” – Walt

“You guys are both cackling about some poor Bryan Johnson being raped in prison.” – Walt

“No More Favors” Ming to Walt after he and Bry got in a fight about missing Cons.

“Don’t get on that fuckin’ phone you sham!…Where’s your fucking clothes! Fuckin’ Emperor!” – Walt to Gitem after asking for the definition of Excuriate.

Memorable Moments:

Bry attends the IJ show in Atlantic City.  Q had set up a room for Bry to hang out in, but when he gets there the clerk has no record of it.  The clerk gets the manager involved, emasculating Bry in front of his girlfriend, Maribeth.

Bryan says he is looking to go back into therapy, but can only really feel comfortable with a female therapist.  Walt says its because he sees all male authority figures as Edgar.

Bry gets a second hand thrill when he hears Maribeth tell her boss to “Fuck off” and quit her job on the spot.

While Bry and Q are hanging out in Q’s Atlantic City hotel room two Russian waiters demand selfies with Q when they delivered their room service at 1:30 AM.

Q is harassed by a crazy lady at the table while he is trying to play cards who tells him he needs to get with a real woman like her because she also likes cats.  She later scoffs at him for his choice of drink.

Bry relates a horrible customer service experience when ordering a pizza in a Chicago hotel room.  After being more than 2 hours late the driver gave him attitude saying if he doesn’t like it don’t order from them any more.  Walt tells a similar story of poor service at his new local Friendly’s restaurant.  His waiter was busy training someone as Walt and his family saw table after table of people seated after him get their food and leave.  He was about to complain when he overheard them celebrating over the trainee correctly placing the ice cream orders of a nearby table.  Walt said if they were so happy over such a trivial thing he can’t take them from elation to the gutter so quick.

The first Patreon gifts are going out soon.  Walt has been so pleasantly surprised at the response of the Sunday Jeff Show and wants to be the Colonel to Jeff’s Elvis.

Frequent collaborator of this site Nina Rad spearheaded a grass roots campaign to have TESD win a Webby award for best podcast.  While not winning they did receive a honoree certificate.

The results of the TESD shout out contest for the Dick Magnet shirt are revealed.  The only celebrities that were submitted were Mick Foley, Svengoolie, and Matthew Lilliard.
Mick Foley is deemed the most impressive.

Mick Foley Shout Out

Svengoolie Shout Out

Matthew Lilliard Shout Out

Bry discusses a Burger King ad where a woman is posed in a way where it looks like she is about to fellate a sandwich.  The model is now shooting back at the company saying she did not know what they were doing with her image and relates the use of her likeness to rape.  Walt says he feels violated with how Comic Book Men photo shoots made him look doofy.



Right As Rain – Helen Of North Brunswick

2 thoughts on “#386: Washing the Martian

  1. There was a fourth entry, mine. I had a video from Maurice LaMarche the legendary voice actor, however Bry couldn’t remember his name and both Maurice and myself were lost for the ages


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