#387: Fuck Cantcer

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Bry has no choice but to embrace solipsism. Walt argues for puppies in restaurants.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan



“Wasn’t she some big fat person?” – Geoffrey as Buffalo Bill

“He’s calling out dogs in Texas Roadhouse you don’t think he’s gonna call you out?” – Walt as Jimmy Fallon’s producer

“Might as well go eat in PetSmart if that’s the case!” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

A puppy sitting in a booth at Texas Roadhouse skeeves Bryan out.  Walt says that people can bring their service animals anywhere they want now and to just get used to the new normal.  Walt wishes he could bring Cooper but knows that his love of new people and food would overcome his training.  Bry plans on invited his neighbor and her two giant Irish Wolfhounds to test the limit of their policy.

Walt and Alicia promote a Wolverine podcast from Marvel.

An ant from Conneticut, Geoffrey, visits the Stash and sits in on the podcast.  Walt is in awe of his radio voice.  It turns out he auditioned to be the TESD spokesman back in the day but was beat out by Johnny Schram.

Geoffrey discusses his diagnosis with AITL and the treatment process, which leads into an interesting conversation on Stem Cells.

Bryan is trying to exercise restraint when it comes to tweeting offensive jokes, but can’t help but write a Columbine joke on Sage’s back to school form.  He is confused how the school can give kids excused absences for religious holidays but not for sickness or doctor’s visits.

Smodfan’s TESD collection is mentioned with Walt suggesting in event of a fire he would save it over any legal documents.

Bryan is all for gay male cheerleaders in the NFL, if only to bother people who are against it.


The Last Martyr – Into The Black

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