#389: A Livestream to Remember

*Featured image from TESD Patreon Live Stream


Bry, Walt, and Q throw in the towel.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I Wanna suck your tits later bro.” – Bry

“Flanagan blood is pure, we’re talking about the Father Flanagan bloodline, it shall remain pure” – Bry

“We’re cranking the air, got the fire going.  It’s good to be American” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Audio recorded from the last Patreon live stream from Q’s place.

Bry wants to fire his manager dismissing him, Walt reveals he doesn’t have the heart to ever fire anyone.

Q has an altercation with a parking attendant, even after tipping the guy 20 bucks.  In a petty move the attendant switches Q’s digital readout to the metric system.

Sage has Bry recite a mantra to get him to relax.  “I’m a calm boy… I’m a calm boy.”  Walt and Q liken it to Black Widow soothing the Hulk.

Bryan leaves Snapple bottles in Walt’s car for four months and can’t believe the sound of glass bottles clinking together hasn’t driven him crazy.

A young Bry went to a beauty salon to get his hair done like a member of Quiet Riot.  The stylist asks him if he wants it “Rocky Rolly”.  The end result is not what was expected and to rub salt in the wound Walt’s mom gets Bry a shirt that says “Rocky Rolly”.

Bry plays some clips of “Father Flanagan” in an effort to take some shots at Walt but Walt turns it around on him saying he just doesn’t understand it since the concept of a loving and supportive parent is foreign to him.

Walt again brings up doing family therapy with Bry, Pam and Edgar live on the pod.

Walt retells the story of the Nun birthing Hitler picture he made for a local metal band that almost ended his marriage.

Comic talk about when fundamental character changes are done to characters with decades of back story I.E.  Iceman is gay, Harley Quinn a hero.


Scott E. Wells – Woke Up to a World on Fire

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