#391: The 2018 Halloween Special: The Colored Cadre Cometh

*Featured image from TESD Patreon


2018 Halloween Special, video version available through Patreon.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Video by Chuck Staton


“Why are you so shabbily treated everywhere you go?”  – Walt to Bry

“I Can’t be responsible for fucking dulliards!” – Blue Baron

“Q’s so desperate to become a baron he’s sticking his head in toilet water, he’s blowing your bugle.” – Bry

“But that fact may change both of your lives. Well, it will actually only change one of your lives. Actually it will change both of your lives.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Screaming babies at the Cheesecake Factory draw Bryan’s ire.

Bry and Q summon Baron Von Flanagan for the chance to compete against each other to become a Baron themselves.  They must call upon the Colored Cadre (or Colored Cabal) and emerge victorious through three challenges.

“Darkness drown out light.  Appear, Fiend of Fact, within my sight!” – poem to summon Baron Von Flanagan.


Q questions their relationship with the Baron as he is constantly calling them bitches.

The first member of the Colored Cadre is the Green Baron, master of Children of the Night, who challenges the duo to a contest of bobbing for vermin.

“Invoking the Jade Fiend ensures my soul imperiled, the payment to beckon the bastard Baron decked in Emerald” – poem to summon Green Baron


Gitem as the ultimate lower life form can bob in place of either contestant for the cost of 10 points.  Q bobs for himself, Bry delegates to Gitem.

The second member of the Colored Cabal is the Blue Baron, Master of Riddles, who challenges Q and Bry to three sets of Cryptic Riddles to be used as clues to guess the answer of an overall theme.  Bry and Q claim this game to be worse than Dyslexia.

“Cobalt Incubus spittle riddles vile and cryptic, I call upon the fiend filled with sin and oh so satanic” – poem to summon Blue Baron.  


The final member of the Colored Cabal is the Red Baron, Master of Dyslexia.

“Rancid Demon both super and unnatural, my soul I offer to summon the Crimson Fiend of unilateral” – poem to summon the Red Baron


After the three rounds Brian Quinn is declared the winner (despite a pitiful showing in challenges 2 and 3) and is given the title of White Baron

“Oaf adorned in white, listless schlub I thee beckon to cackle at impotent facts with no bite” – poem to summon the White Baron 




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