#392: King Dong

*Featured image by @punkr0ckchemist


Bry, Q and a drugged up Walt discuss the urine black market, Broadway plays and nude aquatic adventurers. Walt takes a wrong turn in the Big City.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Plug up your ferret bitch, I’ll be over in a minute” – Walt

“I’m going to have to slow down my finger bangin’.” – Q

“Have you been diddling more than normal?” – Walt as Q’s Doctor

“He can be all stumps and they’d still be slobbering over what was left.” – Walt about Q’s penchant for women.

“Want to hear any more con stories before we hear Kong stories?” – Walt

“We are the Tom Bradys of podcasting” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

In a rare turn of events Bry is the healthiest guy in the room with Q nursing a bum arm, possibly from picking up too many cats, and Walt souring high on some generic aspirin from shoulder pain.

Bry goes to a con in Syracuse that was pretty dead.  Sage and Maribeth cosplay as Netflix cartoon Ladybug and Cat Noir and gain the attention of comic book inker Charles Barnett III who used to make Black Cat pin ups.  A bored Bry starts spreading rumors that Charles is in the market to purchase samples of women’s urine.  After telling a 13%er this she confronts Barnett whose face drops in horror.

Walt and family take a road trip to New York to see the King Kong musical on Broadway.  Walt’s trusty TomTom takes him through the wrong tunnel and he ends up in the Bronx.  They eventually make it and Walt loves the musical more than Spider-Man:  Turn off the Dark.

Q gives his feelings on the Venom movie.

The boys discuss different horror movies from classic Universal monsters, to giant Kaiju, slasher films of the 80s and the rise of torture porn with Saw and Hostel.

A naked man goes swimming with sharks at the Toronto aquarium.

Bry has been watching 90 Day Fiance’ through the lens of someone who used to work on a reality show.  He is fascinated by the ultra religious who believe in sex before marriage and the whole family has to discuss the wedding night and the big event.  He concludes that Walt would have made a good Mormon.


4 Colors 4 Life – TESD Rap

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