#393.5: Tea Time

*Featured image by @punkr0ckchemist


Slugs, periods, cow shit, panties for all, and punching bus drivers.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff


“You got to be really desperate to get high with gas” – Walt

“Not alot of people can pull off the soap opera coma” – Walt

“He wanted to go viral.  No pun intended” – Ming

“This fecal stuff they’re doing in other parts of the world, it’s cool.  Just another Saturday night in India.” – Walt

“Transgenders buy fliffy… flirty… frilly things” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryan asks Sunday Jeff what would happen if it was found out that Bryan’s girlfriend was in a coma but had entered into a preconsent contract where he could have sex with her comatose body, would that still make him a monster in other peoples eyes.

Sam Ballard, a rugby player, dies from eating a slug on a dare.  Walt worries about Ming who is known to eat anything on a dare, such as 30 year old cereal.

Image result for Ming Chen batman cereal

Bryan brings in a story about teens who are getting high by drinking tea made from boiled tampons.

A sacred ceremony in India is discussed where children are dipped in giant piles of cow manure.  Walt is unusually understanding of the ritual.

Victoria Secret CEO apologizes for his comment about not having trans gendered angels in the Victoria Secret fashion show.   Bryan wants to test the limits of companies having to be all inclusive to try out to be a Chippendales dancer.


 Vogue Villains – From Us, To Them

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