#394: The Ronda Rousey of Reindeer


Thanksgiving, Rudolph, and AI sexin’



Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Alright, I have a sex robot that looks human” – Q

“So I have three words for you:  Swallow it all.  Or else you end up with that!” – Bry as Pam giving Maribeth advice.

“That’s all Sage has is Down time.” – Bry

“Don’t let that get out.  I don’t want people to stop kissing my butt.” Walt

“It looks like a Human Centipede in here.” – Bry

“He’s got to turn to the freak for help.  You don’t think that turns his stomach?” – Q about Santa

“With that symbiotic fluid?” Walt about an ultrasound

Reoccurring Segments

Fat News: Sarah Michelle Gellar faces the backlash after posting lingerie pictures of her young self to remind herself not to overeat on Thanksgiving.

Memorable Moments:

I Sell Comics episode 300 has still not been released.  Walt claims it is because Mike wants to listen through it to make sure Bry doesn’t say anything too incendiary that could hurt their listener base.

Reactions for the Christmas Special has been mostly positive, aside from one mother that says she is done supporting the show after having her letter read and ridiculed.

How would Bry fare at a normal job having to deal with workplace politics?

Walt talks about his family Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping that followed.  He claims to have made out like a bandit at Kohls and Target.  Walt reveals that he’s not a big fan of turkey so had Target Pizza Hut instead.

At Pams house for Thanksgiving, Pam pulls Maribeth aside to tell her a story about when Bry’s cat died in the 90s and his other cat mourned by destroying Christmas.

A Cleveland radio station bans “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in the face of the #MeToo movement.  Walt was ahead of the curve in the 2012 Christmas special.

The Rankin and Bass classic “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” has been getting flak saying it is misogynistic and teaches kids to bully people who are different.  Walt says they should make an updated version where Santa is forced to resign because of the discrimination he shows towards the Reindeer.

A gender reveal party in Arizona goes wrong causing over 8 million dollars in damage when the colored smoke starts a wild fire.

AI sex robots are discussed.  If a robot can’t give consent is it considered rape?  Does a sentient AI have the right to attack the person trying to have sex with it?


Shinobi Ninja – ILL ISH

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