TESD XMas: 2018


Due to popular request may we present the 2018 Xmas Special audio only version.

Join Walt, Bryan, BQ, Sunday Jeff, Ming and Git ‘Em Steve-Dave as they gather around the beloved poker table for some very special XMAS magic.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Frank #5

Father Lance

Chris Laudando


Chuck Staton


“It looks like you swallowed Shrek!” – Walt about Gitem’s Donkey pjs.

“This is the year Gitem and Ming put on a donkey show” – Bry

“Is Gitem the Simon or the Garfunkel?” – Bry

“I think he’s the Ampersand” – Q

Games Played

GitemTration:  A game invented by Gitem alone which is half Memory and half Concentration featuring Rebus puzzles.

Memorable Moments:

This is the first video enhanced TESD Christmas Special.

The guys are all decked out in their Christmas Pajamas.  Bry did not listen to Walt’s warnings about getting green PJs due to probably issues with the green screen and got Grinch pajamas.  Sunday Jeff has Hanukkah pajamas.  Q’s balls protrude from the bottom of his short pants.


Q thinks going out of your way to hate Christmas is as bad as obnoxiously reveling in it.

Walt produces a Santa sack full of Christmas letters from Ants.  The guys dig through them answering Christmas related questions.  The guys reveal what TV family they would want to spend Xmas with.  Sunday Jeff, who wrote a song all about fucking monsters, chooses The Munsters.

Walt asserts that Cooper would be the only dog that could replace Jesus in a nativity scene and not be blasphemous.  Bry recalls a time Cooper sexually assaulted him at Walt’s house.  Walt defends Cooper by saying he didn’t know Bry was human due to the beard.

Ming clarifies his love of women in heels.

Gitem addresses the note left to him by his birth mother and how he would read it on air at a future date.  Gitem’s birth father was a police officer that impregnated a 16 year old girl.  His adopted father was another cop in the precinct.

Ming reveals that he and Mike are on a website where you can pay them to record short messages and videos.

Walt tells the story about how he and Bryan went halfsies on a Batman Utility belt for Kevin back in ’92.  The final product was extremely shoddy and Walt told Bry he didn’t have to pay his half if he didn’t want to, never thinking he would stick Walt with the total bill.  Bry did.  Walt’s wife wanted Walt to cut all ties with him.



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